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The Ultimate Dry Trimming Machine

Are you ready to spend more time farming again?

Made in the USA


TrimPal machines are proudly built in Grass Valley, California.

Easy to Operate


Operating the TrimPal is a breeze for one person, just load and set the timer.

No Blades


The Proprietary pulling action allows for minimal friction and damage to the biomass being processed.

Want to see the TrimPal in action?

Introducing the cannabis industries newest bud trimmer, the Trim Pal. The TrimPal is a new effective design used to trim marijuana and leafy aromatic plant material. The TrimPal will significantly reduce the cost and time involved in manicuring your buds, allowing one person to trim your entire harvest with a user friendly trimming system.

The precision laser cut design is accompanied with the most reliable names in parts and powder coated by certified techs providing a high quality, durable and dependable machine. The 5 minute interval timer allows for setting your time frame in trimming and determining your preference. The machine does not chop or cut, but separates with a gentle pulling action. Make TrimPal your your dry bud trimmer, contact us for demo today!